Monday, April 7, 2014

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report-April 7, 2014


After a 3 month long marketing circuit and 12,000 miles of driving all over the Western part of the country Nicky and I are finally back home! The annual circuit was very successful and we are gearing up for another busy summer at Yes Bay. The week was mostly spent getting the house cleaned up and catching up on the recent events around the lodge. It was great to get out to do some fishing and explore of which is the normal routine for Sunday. We spent the day jigging up some rock fish and having a fireside lunch in Blind Pass. The fresh fish 'n' chips was the perfect way to cap off our first Sunday back and end the evening. It's great to be back home!!

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Spring is here!

Jigging up rockfish in Shrimp Bay

Panorama photo taken at Blind Pass Cabin

Prime-time slots are still available so be sure to call and secure your slot TODAY!

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Breaking News for Yes Bay Lodge-April 3, 2014


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This is great news for the King fishing in the 2014 year! Comparable to last year this will give all of our guests a chance to fish for and harvest multiple King salmon during their stay here at Yes Bay Lodge. I hope that everyone is getting excited because it is a going to be a epic summer for our 2014 year!!

Non-resident •2 fish per day of 28" or greater in May and June •1 fish per day July 1 and after •6 fish annual limit

Resident •3 fish per day of 28" or greater

Stay tuned for upcoming blog updates as the Summer season is gearing up and getting underway!!!!

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lodge Update - Show Season plus Winter at Yes Bay!

Nicky and Ryan are busy on the Show Circuit - taking bookings everyday for summer 2014! The season is getting booked for sure, with many returning from last year with friends!! There is still space on some prime dates so get your reservations in, summer and GREAT fishing is right around the corner!!

Nicky working the booth!!

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Meanwhile back in Alaska - Dewey and crew are busy keeping everything up and running at the Lodge! Latest adventure was a fuel run to Ketchikan and of course daily snow shoveling, wood cutting and breaking up the ice around the docks...add in some maintenance jobs in the main Lodge and on the docks and they are busy....

However they do get to enjoy the wonderful winter scenery around the Lodge!

The AJ in the ice in Knudson Cove!

Clearing ice around the docks is a daily job!

Time to hook-up the barge for a fuel run!

The long ride into town!

The beautiful sunset on the ride back!

And a beautiful moonrise from the deck!

Thanks to Dewey Smith for the wonderful photos!!

Get you reservations in for summer 2014 - crew has been hired and are all making plans for their summer in Alaska and ready to take care of our summer guests!

Make sure you have your spot reserved!!

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge Winter Report-December 4, 2013


We hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was a joyous and blessed holiday! We had a great holiday here at Yes Bay Lodge with good friends and delicious food but it has been a cold one. We have been seeing temperatures down in the low teens with an average of 25 degrees. We have had a couple snow squalls come through the Bay but nothing major at all. The weather actually has been quite gorgeous with not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind. Nicky and I are getting ready to head down south for the holidays and then we will kick off our marketing circuit in Sacramento the first week of January. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog to get our official show schedule so you can take advantage of our 2014 show specials in your nearest city. Dewey S. and Erik L. will be manning the fort while we are away and keep the lodge up and running during the winter. They will be taking part in the many winter activities that keep one's mind busy during the stillness of the cold winter months. Check out the beautiful pics and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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A beautiful early morning sunrise looking out to the mouth of Yes Bay!

One of our first snowfalls here at the lodge. Pic taken from Ryan & Nicky's front deck

Our 25# Thanksgiving turkey cooked with love by Nicky!

There is always room for dessert!

One of my favorite views in the early morning from the deck

A cold winter's night in Yes Bay

Be sure to stay tuned in for our show schedule updates and the holiday blog from YBL!!!

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Friday, November 15, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge Winter Report-November 15, 2013

Greetings from Yes Bay! With the fish gone and the cold weather setting in that could only mean one thing, time to get out and hunt! We have not been successful YET but the adventures have been quite worth it. We have seen does here and there but the elusive buck is still out there waiting to be made into a steaming hot venison steak on the dinner table. We have been experiencing some colder temps as it has been getting down to the low 30's in the evening and high 30's during the day. No major storms at all so we have been very fortunate on that end. As normal, the re-bookings have been consistently strong and we have a heck of a season lined up for 2014!! Nicky and I will be leaving soon to start the annual marketing venture so stay tuned in so you can get our show schedule and make time to come see us in your nearest city. GET YOUR PRIME-TIME SLOT BOOKED BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING FAST!!

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This is the source of the Lake Shelokum hot springs in Bailey Bay. One of the many favorite adventures for our guests during the summer!

A beautiful sunset out in the Behm captured after a long day of hunting

Stay tuned in for the upcoming Thanksgiving blog and Lodge updates!

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge Winter Report-November 2nd, 2013

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We are still experiencing mild weather for this time of the year as we have had no snowfall or major storms and average temp's in the mid 40's. No complaints here!! Halloween was spent watching dozens of scary movies and eating an over abundance of candy being we don't get to many trick-or-teaters up this way! Nicky is getting her normal stride back each and every day and she actually will be completing the remainder of her physical therapy this week in Ketchikan. We are all happy and proud to see how far she has came from the day of her accident. Our bookings for the 2014 year have been quite strong and the upcoming year looks like it will be busy and action-packed. We are happy to see many of our loyal guests return for another year along with many new ones. Be sure to make plans to come see Nicky and I in your nearest city as we are getting ready to leave for our marketing circuit. Check out to see what we have lined up so far:

The International Sportsman's Expo in Sacramento, CA-January 9th - 12th

The International Sportsman's Expo in Denver, CO-January 16th - 19th

The International Sportsman's Expo in Phoenix, AZ-February 20th - 23rd

The Fred Hall Fish & Game Show in Long Beach, CA-March 5th - 9th

*subject to change*

We still have prime time slots available so be sure to get yours reserved TODAY!!! Be sure to tune in weekly for winter updates around the lodge and to see what the crew has been up to!

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report-October 22, 2013


Nicky is back up and walking with a strong walk as she finishes up her last week of physical therapy in Ketchikan. She has been flying back and forth from the lodge to town weekly to do her PT sessions. Three months today is when she broke her ankle in three different spots and we are all proud and excited to see her back up and walking...and getting her groove back in the kitchen! She is excited to bring her culinary perfections back to our loyal guests for the 2014 summer. The planning for our trade show circuit has been in the works of which looks like we will be doing a total of six shows in various cities. Be sure to tune in to to the blog to find out our traveling schedule so you can come by and visit the booth if we come to your nearest city. There hasn't been any snow or any sign of it in the near future so we have been experiencing very moderate weather for this time of the year. Other than that things have been quite around here which is how we like it at times after the grueling busy summer that we all work for!

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Nicky back up and walking and getting ready to get on the plane!!

Nicky's "Claim to Fame", Dynamite Halibut with steamed white rice and a side of Jalapeno Poppers...She's Back in Action!!

Be sure to tune in for our holiday blog updates!! It is also time to get your reservations in for next season! Nicky has some special culinary delights for next year!

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report-October 8, 2013


Greetings from Yes Bay Lodge!! As some of you may know are official close date was September 21, 2013 and we are now in complete "winter mode". The Yes Bay Family had a successful 2013 season and what a busy one at that! There was a total of 10,286 pounds of fish caught for the entirety of the summer, a trophy halibut weighing in at 205 pounds, an action-packed Silver season, and also what they call a "Indian Summer". In July, our talented Executive Chef Nicole Hack had a mishap of breaking her ankle in three different spots. Two titanium plates, 12 screws, and numerous check-ups and physical therapy sessions has Nicky on a speedy and strong recovery from her accident. We are all looking forward to her return in the year 2014! As I mentioned we are in winter mode here at Yes Bay Lodge. The boats have been pulled out of the water, all the water drained from the lodge, equipment put away, and getting ready for our first snowfall. The pictures will let you in to the lodge that we all love so much and let you see what it looks like during the winter. I want to thank all of our guests, return and new, for the loyal patronage that you have showed and we hope to see you in 2014. I want to thank the staff for the resilience they showed during the trials and tribulations this year. I want to give a special thank you to Angela for up-keeping this blog with her magnificent literary skills, Tamarin for her organization and efficiency, Janna for stepping-up and taking on a big load, the guides for their knowledge and experience, and the rest of the staff for making our 2013 season a successful and a unforgettable season!! As the fishing season is over with but please be sure to tune in weekly for updates about the lodge during the winter and also the marketing show circuit that Nick and I do. I hope that all of you have great and safe winter and a blessed holiday season!! Check out the winter pics!!

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The fuel barge and one of the boats pulled up on to the dock (Niko and Cinder trying to get their pose for the picture)

A couple more of the boats pulled out along with the sawmill towed from the cove and tethered down to the dock

Hard to imagine that the freezer is empty when it holds thousands of pounds of fish in it during the summer!

The dining room with no warm meals, laughing people, and cold as ever with no hot fire burning

The eternal joyous lounge shutdown for the year

Take note of the tarps and plastic sheeting over the windows and chimney stacks

The unforgettable view of Yes Bay on a brisk fall evening!

Be sure to tune in weekly for what our crew is experiencing during the winter and lodge updates!! SEE YOU IN 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report- September 20, 2013

Greetings from Yes Bay Lodge! Weather did not permit much fishing today. We had high winds with some rough waters and significant swells. The Fleming party saw a window of opportunity and were able to spend a few hours out on the water in the afternoon where they landed 3 Silver Salmon. This marks the end of our 2013 season folks. It was a successful & a memorable one to say the least. Thank you for following the blog and we will see you next season!

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The Fleming's with guide David (Batman) Noble fished some rough waters and landed three Silver Salmon.

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Friday, September 20, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report- September 19, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge & Ketchikan Alaska are under high wind warnings. Boats could not safely head out for fishing as gusts caused rough waters and significant swells. Guests spent the day in the lodge keeping their spirits high. We will be standing by to see about fishing conditions for tomorrow.

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report- September 18, 2013

Today was mostly overcast with scattered showers & a high of 60. As said since the beginning of August the Silver Salmon run has been outstanding guests once again landed a boat load of salmon today including a 15.6lb King Salmon reeled in by Woody Eichler. The Russell's, party of 4, did a fresh water fly-out where they had the opportunity to fly-fish for Cutthroat Trout. Take a look at the photos!

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Tom Halinski with guide Jim (Professor) Lucas with 2 Silver Salmon.

Miriam & Leonard Wood chased the salmon bite with guide Jim (Slice) Bernard landing 8 Silver Salmon before lunch.

Ken & Shane Hohnstein landed 12 Silver Salmon with guide Tina (Old Spice) Bermitz.

Woody & Sue Eichler with their haul of 6 Silver Salmon. Serving as guide was Al (Snapper) Bermitz.

Ken Goff & Glenn Kazen with their morning haul of 3 Silver Salmon, 3 Rock-fish, & 2 Yelloweye Snapper's (8.4lbs, 4.4lbs). Guiding was Sean (Snowman) Falconer.

Johnathon Kermani, Sahm Manoucheri, & Hamid Irani aside their load of 4 Silver Salmon.

Tom, Susan, & Ty Fleming aside this haul of 11 Silver Salmon. Guiding was David (Batman) Noble.

Mark Habibi, Kami & Sahm Manoucheri, Habib Irani, & Johnathon Kermani with their load of 11 Silver Salmon. Guiding was Jim (Blaze) Green.

The Fleming family with guide David (Batman) Noble aside 2 Silver Salmon.

Dan & Joe Marelich aside their days haul of 10 Silver Salmon. Guiding was Andrew (Racky) Gardner.

Woody Eichler with guide Al (Snapper) Bermitz aside this beautiful 15.6lb King Salmon landed in the afternoon.

Glenn Kazen & Ken Goff with a 10.0lb Halibut & 1 Rock-fish. Guiding was Sean (Snowman) Falconer.

Ryan Martinez
Marketing/Reservations Manager