Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report – June 23, 2016

It was cloudy this morning with a beautiful sunny afternoon and some nice catches!

We've got Matt & Ryan with Captain Snowman here and their 2 Halibuts, the biggest at 5.7 lbs.

Kurt & Mandy went out with Captain Racky and scored 2 Buts, the largest at 7.9 lbs. and a Yellow Eye at 6.3 lbs.

Brandon, Gus & Captain Gabby had 2 Halibuts, one at 27.4 lbs.!!!

Chad, Sharon, Cole and Captain Lurch caught a 2.4 Rockfish.

First-timer Karla here reeled in a 5.8 lb. Halibut with Captain Phil!

Mike & Carlene Righetti, Captain Lucky, 2 Halibut, 22.3 Lbs!!

On their first day out, Greg & Larry Fritz, guided by Captain Griffis, pulled in 2 Rockfish, a 5.2# Halibut & and a Turbot!

Ryan Martinez

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report – June 22, 2016

What a great day here today at Yes Bay Lodge! The weather started off wet and cleared up in the afternoon. Today's catches include 2 King Salmons and some beautiful Halibut!

Captain Lurch, Gus, Kurt, & Brian with a 9.8 lb King Salmon!

Captain Racky, Troy & Cole caught a 10 1/2 pounder and 2 Rockfish!

Captain Lucky, Mike & Carlene brought home a 15 lb. Halibut!

Captain Slammer, Matt & Sharon snagged this 25 lb. Halibut!

Captain Snowman, Brandon & Chad brought in this 37.8 lb. Halibut and some Rockfish!

Captain Gabby, Mandy & Ryan had a 16 lb. Halibut and 2 Rockfish!

Captain Racky, Twinkle Toes & Almost Legal having a wonderful time with their magnificent catch, a 3 lb Rockfish! They are having a great day out on the sea even when the fishing's slow.

Captain Gabby, Sharon & Gus with the King, just under 10 lbs., and 3 Rockfish!

Captain Lucky, Mike & Carlene with a gorgeous 7 lb. Yellow Eye, a feisty crab and a Rockfish!

Captain Lurch with Ryan & Kurt, standing proud with his 5 lb. Halibut and Rockfish score!

It was a great day full of laughs and good fun out here in Yes Bay!

Ryan Martinez
General Manager

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report – June 21st, 2016

Two KINGS arrived at the Yes Bay Dock before noon! A great, rainy yet successful start to the season!
We are happy to have the Armstrong family return to the lodge along with our new first-time guests, Mike & Carlene Righetti!

Mandy & Kurt caught a 6.2 lb. YE and flounder with Captain Racky!

Gus & Chad reeled in the 20.6 lb. King Salmon with Captain Slammer!

10.7 lb Halibut for Brian & Matt with Captain Gabby!

Sharon caught an 11 lb. King with Troy and their Captain, Lurch!

Brandon & Ryan got this 7.6 lb. Halibut while out with Captain Snowman!

Mike & Carlene brought home a 15+ lb. Halibut and a few Rockfish!

Brandon & Kurt reeled in the 6+ lb. Halibut while out with Captain Snowman!

Gus, Cole & Ryan grabbed a Yellow-Eye and a few more Rockfish with their Captain, Racky!

Chad & Matt went out with Captain Lurch caught this 8.6 lb. Halibut!

Mike & Carlene had a near 7 lb. Yellow-Eye and another couple of Rockfish!

Mandy went on the water today with Captain Gabby, and caught this Yellow-Eye!

Ryan Martinez
General Manager

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report-June 21, 2016

I am sure all of you been wondering where the heck are the reports? Well, here you GO!! These pics are from the past few weeks of our fishing but the 19th was our official opening day for the 2016 season. The start-up has been a very busy one with all of the normal maintenance projects, pulling of the boats, cleaning of the lodge, and the arrival of the crew. It's always a whirlwind of a time but the dust is starting to settle and the season is in full swing. Be sure to be check back on our blog because the reports will be coming in consistent and will be sure to get you pumped up and excited for your upcoming trip!!! CHECK OUT THE ACTION!!!

12.8# King caught by the "Rainman"

28.8# King Salmon caught by caught by "Cutter"

"Lurch" & Capt. Johnny searching out some Yelloweye and a Flounder

6# Chum caught by Capt. Jason & Capt. Griffis...Super Bright!

Mike & Carlene getting a 7.2# Halibut, a Yelloweye, and a few Rockfish with Capt. Lucky

"Gabby" & Brandon and their handful of rockfish

10.9# King caught by Brandon alongside "Slammer"

Sharon & Ryan catching these Rockies with "Snowman"

A great day out for the guys! A 50# Halibut 13# Chromer Chum for the highlights

Troy maxing out with his 37# Halibut and 17# King!

"Lucky" & Capt. Griffis catching a great variety of fish for the day

Gus & Troy having a great morning out on the water with Capt. Slammer

Brandon & Matt sniffing out the bottom-dwellers with "Gabby"

Ryan & Brian pounding the bottom for these Duskies and Quillbacks with "Snowman"

18# King caught by "Snowman" and the gang

"Gabby" & Capt. Johnny hauling back the butts which includes a 30 pounder

The 2016 season is just getting underway so stay tuned to all of the excitement that is to come!!!

Ryan Martinez
General Manager

Monday, March 28, 2016

Yes Bay Lodge Spring Season Report-March 28, 2016

The marketing season has come to an end and after 15,000 miles of driving, countless hotels, and a total of seven shows Nicky and I are grateful to be home! It was a very successful season overall as we had a chance to see all of our loyal guests and also the opportunity to meet the new ones who will be joining us this summer. We want to say "Thank You" again to all the cities we visited and the sport shows that we attended. With the spring season in full effect that means the summer is right around the corner! The wildlife is starting to emerge as you will see with the photos we had the chance to get over the last couple of days. You will see some great photos of our local "Lions Club", Orcas putting on a show, and our long-time buddy "Crooked Fin". Be sure to stay tuned to the blog because the lodge is coming out if it's winter slumber so their will be a lot upcoming activities and chores that will be going on. Check 'Em Out...


Ryan Martinez
General Manager