Sunday, September 1, 2019

Yes Bay Lodge Report-September 1, 2019

Catches of the Day for September 1, 2019!

Tyler & Scott enjoyed a beautifully sunny day on the water--and also enjoyed reeling in 3 silvers, the largest at 11.5#!

David and Richard loaded up on silvers today (11.9#, 9.7#, 8.2#).

Captain Packrat and his crew collected a variety of Alaskan fish today; 1 halibut, 1 flounder, 3 chum (8.9#), 2 rockfish, and 1 pacific cod!

Sundie couldn't let go of the 13.9# King she brought in today! She and Butch had another 8 silvers in tow (11.5#, 9.2#).

Brooke and Randy's first day on the water was filled with 6 silver (9.8#, 9.2#), 2 halibut, 2 pink, 1 yelloweye, and 1 rockfish!

Diana & Stephen had a stellar first day with Captain Snapper too, bringing in 3 silver (11.8#), 1 pink, 2 rockfish, 1 halibut, and 1 pacific cod.

It was a day for big silvers for sure! Bret and Nolan brought in 4 silvers, the largest at 11.1#, as well as 1 yelloweye, 1 pink, and 1 rockfish.

Captain Prospector and Billy got all varieties of fish, picking up a halibut, a yelloweye, a rockfish, and 2 silvers.

Captain Blackfly and John were super stoked of their silver after a day of boating!

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Ryan Martinez General Manager Yes Bay Lodge

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