Friday, September 8, 2017

Yes Bay Lodge Blog Report - September 7, 2017

Catches of the Day for September 7, 2017

Michael, Matt, and Jacob had a busy day with Packrat today and caught 2 yelloweye (5.6# and 8.9#), 1 halibut (37.1#), 4 rockfish, 1 silver, and 25 cod. Awesome job, guys!

Dan and Joe went out with Eclipse and caught 4 silvers, 5 black cod, and 2 yelloweye.

Dennis and Harvey went out with Gabby this morning and caught 2 silvers (the largest was 7.6#), and 3 pinks.

Dennis and Harvey went back out with Lucky this afternoon and caught 2 silvers.

Nikki and John went out with Gator this morning and caught 3 silvers (the largest was 9.2#), and 1 pink.

Nikki and John went back out with Gator this afternoon and caught 1 yelloweye and 1 rockfish.

Scott, Kevin, and Ron went out with Lucky today and caught 1 chicken, 1 pink, and 1 yelloweye.

Gus, Ken, Joyce, Kathryn, and Daniel went out with Racky this morning and caught 1 silver and 1 pink.

Gus, Ken, Joyce, Kathryn, and Daniel went out with Racky this afternoon and caught 1 rockfish and 3 black cod.

Thomas went out with Slammer today and caught 5 rockfish and 3 silvers.

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Ryan Martinez General Manager Yes Bay Lodge

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