Thursday, August 22, 2019

Yes Bay Lodge Report-August 20, 2019

Catches of the Day for August 19, 2019!

Linda & Bert retrieved 2 halibut, 2 rockfish, and 1 cod on their morning fishing trip, returning to the dock to toss lines for trout in the afternoon.

Captain Prospector, Dennis, and Walt had an unusual twist in their fishing today; after reeling in 2 yelloweye, 2 halibut, and 1 chum, the men went to retrieve their shrimp pot--only to find a fishing rod tangled in the wire! Upon further inspection back at the dock, Old Spice recognized the rod as hers dropped in the back bay in the summer of 2013!

After a triumph week of maxing out catches every day, Aaron and Bob slowed down to relax, still bringing in a bounty of 3 rockfish, 2 halibut, 1 yelloweye, and 1 pacific cod.

Birdman and his crew had a successful catch, with 3 silvers, 3 pinks, 1 chum, 1 halibut, and 1 pollock.

King Salmon season just re-opened, and man did Junkyard's mates bring in the haul with a King weighing in at 14.1#! The guys also brought in 1 yelloweye, 1 9.1#, and 1 silver.

LD and Tom brought back 2 halibut and 1 pink back to Yes Bay with Captain Pianoman.

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Ryan Martinez General Manager Yes Bay Lodge