Sunday, September 1, 2019

Yes Bay Lodge Report-August 27, 2019

Catches of the Day for August 27, 2019!

These guys got a pretty bounty with Captain Snapper! 3 yelloweye, 1 rockfish.

Mark and Gardinier bared the cold rain and wind to bring back 2 rockfish and 3 silver (8.5#).

Mark and Diana brought back 5 silvers, 2 rockfish, and a pacific cod!

Captain Kid Rock and his crew slayed the game, with 4 pink, 9 silver, 1 cod, and 3 yelloweye--one weighing in at 9.9#!

Steve, Herb, and Cooper had a wide variety of fish in their well when they pulled up to Yes Bay--2 silver, 2 rockfish, 1 flounder, and 1 yelloweye.

Captain Prospector's boat brought back 5 silver, with the largest weighing in at 10.5# & 8.7#. They also had 2 rockfish, 1 chum, and 1 pink. Don't forget to check out more pictures on our Facebook Page!


Ryan Martinez General Manager Yes Bay Lodge

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