Thursday, September 5, 2019

Yes Bay Lodge Report-September 4, 2019

Catches of the Day for September 4, 2019!

Susan and Billy brought in 2 silvers, 1 yelloweye, 1 chum, and 1 rockfish today at Yes Bay!

Bob and Cathy had a great first day with Captain Packrat! They reeled in 9 silver (13.5#), 1 halibut, 2 rockfish, and 1 black cod!

Captain Birdman and his crew enjoyed the sunshine on the water today, as well as bringing in 9 silver (13.5#), 1 rockfish, and 1 yelloweye!

Dennis and Harvey had a great day with Captain Junkyard! 3 silvers (11.0#), 1 yelloweye, and 1 rockfish.

Randy and Brookie towed in 2 rockfish and 1 halibut back to the dock this afternoon.

Captain Snapper, Diana, and Stephen enjoyed one final afternoon together with 2 rockfish and a pacific cod.

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Ryan Martinez General Manager Yes Bay Lodge

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