Friday, April 26, 2019

Yes Bay Lodge Blog Report-April 26, 2019

The summer is creeping up faster than ever as we begin to prepare! It still feels like winter around here with temps sticking around 37 to 40 degrees so its hard to imagine that summer is that close. The air still has a winter smell to it on top of getting a couple snow flurries here and there. The state has been forecasting high producing Salmon runs this year so we are all very excited to see how the fishing will transpire. In the next couple of weeks we have a big announcement so be sure to stay tuned to all of our platforms: YBL Blog, Instagram, and's sure to get everyone excited...STAY TUNED!

Only in Alaska!

Snow on April 24, 2019!

Beautiful crisp morning after the storm

Beautiful Panorama shot of our grounds on a negative low tide


Guide Page is updated with 2019 roster so check in and meet your guides this season!

Ryan Martinez
General Manager
Yes Bay Lodge