Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yes Bay Lodge Blog Report - June 28, 2017

Catches of the Day for June 28, 2017

Mac and Jackie went had a great day out with Gabby and brought in an incredible 45.1# halibut! They also brought in another halibut (16.9#) and limited on yelloweye rockfish. Great work!

David and Scott went out with AJ today and brought in a 9.6# yelloweye rockfish today with AJ

Jim and Gary went out with Gator today and came back with 2 halibut, a flounder, and 2 rockfish

Susan and Kim went out with Lucky today and hit the dock with a 12.2# halibut and a 13.1# king

Vince, Justin and Joe went out with Packrat today

Tony and Martin went out with Racky today and came back with 3 halibut, a yelloweye, and 2 rockfish. Great work guys!

Darbi and Russ limited on yelloweye today, bringing in 2 yelloweye, 1 was 8.1#. They also brought in 2 halibut and one rockfish with Slammer.

It was a beautiful day at the lodge and we also had some guests go up the river for some fishing with T.J. today!

Andrew went out this afternoon with T.J.
photo by T.J. Hooker

photo by T.J. Hooker

photo by T.J. Hooker

Martin and Tony went out hiking and fishing up the river with T.J. this morning
photo by T.J. Hooker

While Martin and Tony fished, Kobe watched over them

photo by T.J. Hooker

photo by T.J. Hooker

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Ryan Martinez General Manager Yes Bay Lodge