Friday, September 7, 2018

Yes Bay Lodge Blog Report - September 7, 2018

Catches of the Day for September 7

Gus and Dan caught three Silver Salmon before lunch and nine Silver Salmon after lunch with Captain Snapper. The largest one weighed 14.5lbs!

Bob and Cathy reeled in twelve Silver Salmon (one weighed 12.5lbs) with Captain Lucky!

Duane and Robin brought back eleven Silver Salmon (the largest one weighed 13.6lbs), one Pink Salmon and an 11.8lb Halibut with Captain Packrat!

Nikki and John reeled in twelve Silver Salmon (one weighed 12.8lbs), two Rockfish and four Black Cod with Captain Gabby!

Leo caught six Silver Salmon with Captain Smiley. Nice work!

Janette and Stephen brought back twelve Silver Salmon, one Halibut, seven Black Cod and two Rockfish with Captain Old Spice!

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Ryan Martinez General Manager Yes Bay Lodge