Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Yes Bay Lodge Blog Report - July 31, 2018

Catches of the Day for July 31

This morning, Gus, Jill and Andy caught 3 Pink Salmon, 2 Silver Salmon and a Chum Salmon with Captain Packrat.

Austin and Gregg reeled in 7 beautiful Pink Salmon with Captain Fabio.

Christy and Mickey caught 6 Pink Salmon with Captain Old Spice this afternoon.

Paul and Rick caught a nice 11lb Chum Salmon, 6 Pink Salmon and a Yelloweye Rockfish with Captain Stan.

Christy and Mickey reeled in 2 Halibut, 1 colorful Chum Salmon, 1 Yelloweye Rockfish and 2 Pink Salmon with Captain Old Spice.

Charles and Stan ended the day with 9 Pink Salmon, 2 Silver Salmon and 2 Halibut that weighed 9lbs and 21lbs with Captain Smiley!

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We hope your July was as good as ours! EXPERIENCE YES BAY LODGE…YOUR ALASKAN ADVENTURE!!

Ryan Martinez General Manager Yes Bay Lodge