Saturday, July 13, 2019

Yes Bay Lodge Blog Report-July 12, 2019

Clouds have moved on after a long strectch of some warm SE Alaskan weather and we had a shower or two throughout the day. Still catching all kinds of fish here at Yes Bay and be sure to tuned to the future action!

It was great having you back Cousin Mike! Send us pictures of your crazy Ratfish mount...See You next year!

Two Halibut for the Koesters in the morning so it's Salmon time after lunch!

Larry & Bob posing with their 3 Pinks, P-Cod, and Rockfish alongside Capt. Birdman

Terry and his son London having a great first day with these 7 Pinks and 2 Rockfish

Afternoon of Salmon fishing produced these 4 bright Pinks alongside Capt. Kid Rock

All kinds of fish coming back with Billy & Carole after a fun filled day with Capt. Old Spice! Check out the Ratfish!!

We starting to book hard for 2020 so call today and reserve your spot!

YES BAY's YOUR Alaska!

Ryan Martinez
General Manager