Sunday, July 28, 2019

Yes Bay Lodge Blog Report-July 22, 2019

We have been a bit behind on our posts but don't worry...we have been busy with some serious fishing! Check out the's bee pretty darn good!

Ed & Greg getting these 6 Pinks in the morning with Capt. Packrat

Stephen & Rick taking a break after catching this 66 pounder with Capt. Hyder...awesome job guys!

Dang! A 62 pounder caught by Matt & Greg alongside Capt. Kid Rock

Nice limit of Pinks and Halibut for Tony & Seth with Capt. Birdman

Kem & Owen hitting the dock with this great variety catch with Capt. Prospector

And they just keep coming for Stephen & Rick with this 93 pound Halibut to cap off the day and the trip! That's how you do it!

YES BAY's YOUR Alaska!

Ryan Martinez
General Manager