Saturday, July 13, 2019

Yes Bay Lodge Blog Report-July 9, 2019

The day was filled with a great variety of catches all ranging from heavy Yelloweye, Chromer Pinks, and a few Halibut here and there. The morning started out with low lying clouds and pretty gloomy but it all burned off with warm temps in the afternoon and the sun shining and endless blue skies. Check out the action we had from today...!

Hugh and Cairn catching a couple of flatties with Capt. Old Spice for their morning outing

Anne, Mary, & Marc rounding up these three nice Silver Grays alongside Capt. Hyder

Matt & Carla catching a boat load of fish with one of them being a 10.4# Yelloweye with Capt. Birdman

Karen & Derek putting in some time and getting 11 Pinks, Rockfish, and a Halibut making for a great day on the water with Capt. Packrat

Gerry & Lori back for another visit and getting 2 Silver Grays and a Pink with Capt. Prospector

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Ryan Martinez
General Manager
Yes Bay Lodge